Saturday, January 15, 2011

La femme SANDRO ...

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After more than 1 month spending without taking picture outside because my bestfriend and I had a lot of exams, we are back.
I would like to explain why I choose this outfit.
As you can noticed, this is my sandro sweater ( as I posted just above) : I think it illustrated so well the ''lie de vin'' trend and the stripes trend. I don't know if you see well but the stripes are glittered as my shoes^^.
Then, i thought a skinny belt will fit more with the size of the stripes than a bigger one.
About my bag, i wanted a black and silver bag, so that's the only one i have.
In my hair, i often wear bow, i have a bow addiction, i love cute things.
This is one of my tipical outfit, i feel really confortable, and i still wear a mini black skirt^^
I wanted to post this outfit because soon i'm going to throw out all my winter clothes!!!

Bisous Bisous XOXO


  1. lovin the colours ;)check out my blog if you can...we can follow each other lol http://fasali-myblogspeakthetruth.blogspot.com/

  2. super duper cute sweater and the shoes are so adorable!

    Stay gorgeous!