Monday, February 28, 2011

Favorite : pink dress, python shoes, bag

Hi Guys!!

This week i'm on holiday, i will have much more time to post, and I have lot of things to show you!
Spring/Summer collection is now on sale so i'm going crazy with shopping ( mostly Zara clothes as usual).

This post is one of my favorite , i wear a zara silk pink dress(it so confortable), then nothing special about my blazer, but more about accessories.
My bag....i found it in H&M store ( yeah i know it's incredible, people often think it's a high-price bag) and my shoes Cosmo Paris ( crazy brand with high heel shoes), python shoes :) with camel colour of course and high heel ( about 12 cm).

I can't really wear it without blazer, the weather in the north of France is horrible!