Friday, November 22, 2013

Des bottes de neige en ville..snowing shoes in the city

Hello followers/ Coucou mes chouxx

As you can see the weather is doing so bad right now, in France it's snowing in many cities.But as a good fashion addict we should wear cute, pretty and classy shoes even if it's snowing. I love snow but it's hard to keep styling with this cold weather. So for you my girls i've selected some of the best snowing shoes ( for the city, for going to work, for going to school with HIGH style). That's my point of view, my selection so let me know if you have any others ideas.
I try to select low price and good quality as much as posible, but i couldn't avoid Ugg. ( little bit expensive but good investment).

I'm going to give you the brands, the price from the left to the right.

1. Eram, 45 euros
2. Anniel, 182 euros
3. Ugg, Bailey button bling, 200 euros
4. Spm Shoes, 100 euros
5. Sketchers, 65 euros
6. André, 55 euros
7. Les tropéziennes, 75 euros
8. Ash, 250 euros
9. Booroo, 100 euros
10. Ugg, bailey button bow, 200 euros

Bisous Bisous Xoxoxo Bon shopping!!

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